Buy Local Policy

The Buy Local Policy (the Policy) aims to maximise supply opportunities for competitive local Western Australian businesses when bidding for State government contracts.

The Policy supports other government initiatives to attract new investment, encourage employment creation and growth and to stimulate sustainable industry development within Western Australia.

Government agencies are required to evaluate all quotations and tenders with the intent of achieving a value for money outcome for government.

The policy requires Government agencies to design requests for quotation or tender to reflect local business capability and to recognise ‘local content’ in bid evaluations. In addition, issues such as social, economic, environmental and regional development impacts must be considered during the evaluation of bids.

The Buy Local Policy promotes a ‘buy local’ approach to government buying. The Government remains committed to supporting local Western Australian industry and welcomes positive suggestions that will give local business improved opportunities to compete for State government work.

The Housing Authority can assist government agencies to achieve the Policy objectives, for more information and guidance please review the Understanding the Buy Local Policy.


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